Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Sun Xu 孙旭 NUS scholarship should be revoked for the good of everyone, including Sun Xu

Name-calling is always bad. However, when mature adults indulge in this behavior, there is usually a good reason. Sometimes, it is absolutely unforgivable.

Hong Kongers call Mainland Chinese locusts. In retaliation, a Beijing lecturer Kong Qingdong(孔庆东)called Hong Kongers dogs. I can understand the frustration from both sides. However, when a foreign scholar who has benefited from Singapore's generosity (8 years of free education when most Singaporeans graduate with heavy debts) can say "There are more dogs than humans in Singapore", this is totally unforgivable.

Singaporeans must realize that we stand on the moral high ground in condemning Sun Xu (孙旭)'s ungrateful behavior. No Mainland Chinese in his right mind can support Sun Xu (孙旭). He has not only insulted Singaporeans but has brought shame to his family and his home country China. How can any Chinese or any human support him? When we scold Sun Xu(孙旭), we should take note not to extend the condemnation to other Chinese. Otherwise, we lose the moral high ground. Focus the fire on Sun Xu. The other PRC scholars and PRC foreigners in Singapore are innocent.

Some prominent people whom I respect in Singaporean society said Singaporeans have gone too far in condemning Sun Xu (孙旭). They probably just read mainstream media and are not aware of the full situation. To judge Sun Xu (孙旭)'s sincerity, see what was his initial reaction when asked by a Chinese tabloid about his remarks. His answer was "I am only complaining. It is just a small matter and I do not want to blow it up. Anyway, I have already deleted the comment." This shows he is totally unrepentant. The worst is this: when a fellow blogger warns Sun Xu (孙旭) to take down his dog comment because Singapore patriot Alex Tan may come after him (which he did by making a police report), his written reply in black and white was "I will wait for him with a dagger".

Sun Xu (孙旭) has apologized. Of course he will apologize to protect himself. He is only 2 months away from graduation and is afraid that his scholarship will be revoked. He is apologizing for self-preservation. Do you think he would apologize if he were some S-Chip CEO residing in China and the local authorities cannot do anything about him? Do you think he would apologize if he had already graduated from NUS and returned to China?

For the good of everyone including Sun Xu (孙旭), I sincerely think his scholarship must be revoked. This is what we Singaporeans owe to the Chinese people and Sun Xu (孙旭)'s parents. The reasons are written in Chinese because it was written from the perspective of a Chinese citizen (just play make-believe).

如果我是中国人,我觉得这种忘恩负义之徒是家耻国辱 。放你到国外发展,就算不能为国争光,至少不要丢尽我们的脸面。受惠不浅,不懂得知恩图报,还象疯狗似的反咬恩人一口。养狗八年,这只畜牲至少会成为主人最忠诚的朋友。你简直是猪狗不如。你他妈的还敢到中国大使馆求救?要丢脸你一个人丢,你即敢要国家陪你一起丢脸?